Best Online Wedding Planning Tools

    Getting married is a lot of work. Here are the top sites I used to help in planning my wedding:

    • Tom’s Planner: Easy to use, free Gaant Chart for all those deadlines you need to keep track of!
    • The Knot: The best wedding idea resource. Lots of pictures and shared stories from users.
    • OneWed: More ideas and general planning ideas.
    • Google Sites: Use the Wedding Template for a new site and you can easily share your wedding details with the entire party at once. No more pesky emails!
    • Honeymoon: Kayak and TripIt have good reminders about your trip plans, and can email/sms you when your flights are delayed!

    These are all the ones I used, but if you have more leave them in the comments.

    • Leesa Derycke

      I went through the above said tools. I would like to recommend Proofhub ( an online planning software that will help you better plan and organize tasks and activities related to your wedding and will enable their smooth and timely execution.