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This blog is Back in Google’s Ranking

  The only thing I could think is that they didn’t like my iPhone hacking guide being split into several pages. It only took a few months for Google to get the site back in.

#pipedata=dirty in Purchase Url

So I made a tweet a few days ago about a parameter in the purchase URL, where there was a string that was exactly this: #pipedata=dirty The tweet starting bringing in some Google search traffic from other people noticing it, but in a quick search I couldn’t find anything about it. Does anyone know […]

Washington State has the Worst/Highest Cell Phone Taxes and Fees in the country.

Do you live in Washington State? It turns out it’s not just your cell phone provider that’s trying to steal your money, it’s our local government as well. It turns out, WA has the highest rate for local and state taxes on cell phones in the nation. Rank State State-Local Wireless Rate State-Local Sales Tax […]