Cheap Teavana Teaware Alternatives / Teavana is Expensive

    I just discovered Teavana while visiting a local mall yesterday. It’s a tea drinker’s dream store, however it’s crazy expensive and the workers push to sell you the most expensive of their overpriced items.

    So I decided to see if I could find their items cheaper, and of course I could. :P

    Teavana’s Product Alternative found on

    Overkill Cast Iron Tea Set for 5: $440

    Starter Cast Iron Tea Set for Two

    Starter Cast Iron Tea Set for Two: $75

    More Teapot sets starting from $50-75

    Green Cast Iron Teapot: $70

    Green Cast Iron Teapot

    Green Cast Iron Teapot: $40

    Black Cast Iron Teacup: $13

    Black Cast Iron Teacups

    Set of 4 Same Black Cast Iron Teacups: $26 ($6.50/each)

    Washi Tea Tin
    3 oz: $9
    6 oz: $11
    13 oz: $15

    Any airtight, non-transparent storage container.

    Yes, it may not look as cool, but if you already have a container like that (Tupperware) then you’re fine and you saved some money!

    Tea Infuser Ball: $13

    Tea Infuser Ball

    Tea Infuser Ball: $2

    Tea Thermos with Strainer: $28

    Tea Thermos with Strainer

    Same Tea Thermos with Strainer: $20

    Teavana Perfect Teamaker: $20

    Adagio Teas Ingenuitea Teapot: $20 (Same price for once but this is the #1 selling Amazon item in “Teapots”)

    Belle Amitie Glass Teapot: $33

    Bormioli Rocco H Drink Dea Teapot with Infuser

    Glass Teapot with Infuser: $28

    Hopefully this post was helpful for any tea drinkers that like Teavana’s products but not their prices.