Best Online Wedding Planning Tools

Getting married is a lot of work. Here are the top sites I used to help in planning my wedding:

  • Tom’s Planner: Easy to use, free Gaant Chart for all those deadlines you need to keep track of!
  • The Knot: The best wedding idea resource. Lots of pictures and shared stories from users.
  • OneWed: More ideas and general planning ideas.
  • Google Sites: Use the Wedding Template for a new site and you can easily share your wedding details with the entire party at once. No more pesky emails!
  • Honeymoon: Kayak and TripIt have good reminders about your trip plans, and can email/sms you when your flights are delayed!

These are all the ones I used, but if you have more leave them in the comments.

New Twitter Background Size Dimensions

Twitter's new Background Size

Twitter is about to change their UI for all of their users. Unfortunately, this new interface hides most of the backgrounds that were previously available.

Since the sizes for the visible part of the background have changed, you’ll need to know the new dimensions!

Check out this post for Twitter’s New Background Image Size & Dimensions for the content area on the left in a user’s profile.

How to find the Wireless Channel of the Access Point you are connected to, using netsh

Have you ever tried figuring out the channel of the Wireless Access Point you’re CURRENTLY connected to? ┬áIf you’re in a office/corporate environment and have several APs set up in the same area that share the same SSID, knowing which specific AP you’re connected to for troubleshooting can be a pain in the butt.

For Windows users, try this:

In Command Prompt: “netsh wlan show interfaces” (without the quotes)

This is the easiest way I’ve found to quickly help me diagnose which AP I’m connected to when several share the same SSID.

Anyone know an easier way?