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Windows Live Mail FINALLY Supports HTTPS/SSL + How to fix error 0x800040605

Up until l a week or two ago, if you enabled HTTPS in your Windows Live Hotmail account, you could not access your email through the Windows Live desktop client. This was a major security flaw, that Microsoft didn’t solve for a long time. Thankfully, the latest version of Windows Live Mail finally will work […]

Sony’s websites have been hacked 20 times since April.

Most everyone has heard about the Sony Network hacks of recent, but one guy in particular did a nice job summarizing the history of each time one of Sony’s websites were compromised. Let’s just say Sony isn’t the best at security. Check out the Full History of Sony’s Recent Hacks.

Secure your Windows 7 Welcome Screen Login & Require Control + Alt + Delete

Disabling the Windows 7 Welcome screen can provide an increase in security for logging into the computer, as someone who steals a laptop isn’t presented with a list of all possible users. Unfortunately, you cannot hide the list of all users in Windows 7 Home Premium, but you can in Professional and above. Disable the […]