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Why I’m Quitting Facebook; and Why You Might Want To Also.

Dec 2018 edit: In the 4 years since my post, there have been numerous Facebook scandals, embarrassments, and security breaches. If you’re still using Facebook, you can’t really claim ignorance anymore. You’re choosing to submit your data to a company that doesn’t care about you at all, nor its employees. Please don’t forget, Instagram and […]

Facebook Comments are Killing Post Authenticity

We’re at a point in society when anything we say online could be used against us in the future, even if it’s just a joke, a tweet taken out of context, or an opinion that someone else finds offensive. Today’s society in the US has become hyper-sensitive about everything, to the point that in order […]

New Twitter Background Size Dimensions

Twitter is about to change their UI for all of their users. Unfortunately, this new interface hides most of the backgrounds that were previously available. Since the sizes for the visible part of the background have changed, you’ll need to know the new dimensions! Check out this post for Twitter’s New Background Image Size & […]