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The Best Fast Food Cookies Are…!

Note: This post is a perfect compliment to my post from several months back of “Which Milk Brand is the Best?“ I have had an addiction to fast food cookies since college, where these┬ádelicious┬ásugary snacks (and chocolate milk) would keep me awake even through even the most boring of economics lectures. I have been particularly […]

Which Milk brand is the best? Quick Seattle Milk Review

Last week, we ended up with a bad, nasty batch of milk. As a result, I wanted to try several types of milk, to finally see how they stack up. Brands were chosen to represent a good sample of milk available in the Seattle area. All milk brands compared were 2% and rBST free.

Cheap Teavana Teaware Alternatives / Teavana is Expensive

I just discovered Teavana while visiting a local mall yesterday. It’s a tea drinker’s dream store, however it’s crazy expensive and the workers push to sell you the most expensive of their overpriced items. So I decided to see if I could find their items cheaper, and of course I could. :P Teavana’s Product Alternative […]