The Best Fast Food Cookies Are…!

Note: This post is a perfect compliment to my post from several months back of “Which Milk Brand is the Best?

I have had an addiction to fast food cookies since college, where these delicious sugary snacks (and chocolate milk) would keep me awake even through even the most boring of economics lectures. I have been particularly loyal to one brand in particular, but I felt that I needed to thoroughly examine the other options to see if I was missing out on even better cookies.

Fast Food Cookies Evaluated:

  • McDonald’s
  • Subway
  • Jack in the Box
  • Taco Del Mar

The following stores do not sell cookies, at least in Seattle: Burger King, K.F.C (even though it’s on their nutrition guide), Wendy’s, Taco Time.

Evaluation Process:

  1. Each store’s standard would be judged by the all-time, most popular favorite cookie: the chocolate chip.
  2. Each cookie would be eaten as received from the store, and then heated at home later.
  3. Three Judging categories: Taste, Texture, and Value/Price

Which Milk brand is the best? Quick Seattle Milk Review

Last week, we ended up with a bad, nasty batch of milk. As a result, I wanted to try several types of milk, to finally see how they stack up. Brands were chosen to represent a good sample of milk available in the Seattle area.

All milk brands compared were 2% and rBST free.

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The new Sobe drinks are HORRIBLE compared to the old ones!

Orange Carrot Sobe

The Sobe brand of drinks is one of my favorite brands of all time. I have drank Sobe beverages for over 10 years, and at one point collected the bottle sticker label of each different Sobe drink I bought. These glass bottles held delicious juice inside that contained added vitamins and stuff like that… but all I cared about was the flavor. ORANGE CARROT is possibly the best combination flavor of all time, and is was my favorite drink of all time.

Recently, the wise people over at Sobe decided to change to plastic bottles so their drinks could fit into vending machines and be sold in more locations. I missed the glass bottles, but didn’t mind the change because it meant I could now get my orange-carrot goodness in more locations. However, in addition to changing the bottles, they also slightly changed the formulas for how their drinks are made. How can I tell?  After drinking the same drink for over 10 years, you notice if it changes.

The change in the drink now makes the orange-carrot flavor taste like a horrible powered orange drink, along the likes of the powdered drink TANG. What was once my favorite drink, is now a disgusting liquid that I cannot finish. I bought an orange-carrot Sobe last week, and couldn’t drink more than 1/4th of the drink because I was so disgusted by the new flavor. This change has also affected the cranberry-grapefruit flavor, which was another common flavor that I would drink.

SOBE, PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD RECIPIES! I’ve gone from a die-hard supporter to someone who wouldn’t recommend even giving the drink to a pet.