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Apps Missing From Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 and the upcoming 8.1 update really fix a lot of usability issues previous versions of the phone had, but there’s still an area a new OS can’t fix – 3rd party apps. Within the last few months I have been able to find good official apps for many apps I use on […]

Wifi Location Tracking is killing Privacy

<tinfoil hat> When Google’s “streetview cars” roamed around the world, they were performing wifi scans of their surrounding areas. By mapping the MAC address of your location to the van’s GPS coordinates, they built a map of locations that can accurately find your location, just by knowing the wifi router you’re connected to. Google claimed […]

Fix Windows Phone 7/8 + Gmail “Attention Required” Error – WP8

If you’re getting this problem,it’s Google’s Fault, and not the Windows 7 / Windows 8 Phone’s. Go to the following URL, put your password in and enter the captcha. This will solve the problem and let you use your Gmail account on your Windows Phone. It seems to disable some captcha security setting on […]