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Two fun Google Maps Travel Games – Get lost and find your location

Have you ever wanted to travel to random places on a map? Do you virtual travel using street view on Google or Bing maps? There’s a site called GeoGuessr that will drop you in a random location on earth, and your goal is to put a pin on a map where you think you started […]

How To Easily Find Large Attachments in Gmail, without 3rd Party Tools

Thanks to steabert on stackexchange for posting this helpful tip! In Gmail, simply search for “size:xxxxxxxx“ This undocumented search parameter will help you find messages larger than the size you searched for. The search parameters are in bytes, so 10485760 = 10MB orĀ  52428800 = 50 MB, and so on. EDIT: As of November 15th, […]

Wifi Location Tracking is killing Privacy

<tinfoil hat> When Google’s “streetview cars” roamed around the world, they were performing wifi scans of their surrounding areas. By mapping the MAC address of your location to the van’s GPS coordinates, they built a map of locations that can accurately find your location, just by knowing the wifi router you’re connected to. Google claimed […]