Make Firefox’s Navigation Toolbar Font Larger

I recently switched back to using Firefox instead of Chrome due to Chrome’s unreliability from version to version, and discovered Firefox’s Navigation Bar default font size was smaller than what I was used to seeing with Chrome.

Here’s how you can change the navigation bar’s font size:

To modify the address bar font size, add the following line to the userChrome.css file

#urlbar {font-size: 14pt !important}

If Firefox is running, you’ll need to restart it to pick up the new font size. No doubt you’ll want to experiment with a few different sizes.

And here’s a link to find where your userChrome.css file is.


Firefox Is BFFs with Google

I recently switched back to Firefox from Chrome, and tried to change the default search engine used in the omnibar. It turns out you need to do all of these steps below to change that search engine. Most Firefox users won’t ever switch this because it’s not a simple option to find.

  1. Type “about:config” in Firefox Address bar. Press enter.
  2. Find “keyword.URL.” Right-click and click Modify.
  3. Enter the specific URL for the search engine you want to change it to:

Bing Search:
Yahoo Search:

How many basic web users will change this in Firefox? Slim to none. It’s a shame Firefox doesn’t give you an easy way to switch this.

Sync/Backup your bookmarks and settings in Chrome & Firefox

Firefox and Chrome both support bookmark syncing and it’s easy to set up either browser to do this.


  • Easy Backup: Bookmarks are stored remotely so if your computer dies, you have access to them.
  • Sync between Computers: Both will let you update your bookmarks on one computer, and the changes will transfer over.
  • More than just bookmarks: You can also choose to sync themes, settings, passwords, and other info between accounts.

Instructions for Chrome |  Instructions for Firefox