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How to get your Website’s Posts in Google News

I stumbled upon a nice post from SEOmoz that outlines how to do this. Thankfully, there’s also a really nice WordPress Plugin that will make a Google News Sitemap for you.

Firefox Is BFFs with Google

I recently switched back to Firefox from Chrome, and tried to change the default search engine used in the omnibar. It turns out you need to do all of these steps below to change that search engine. Most Firefox users won’t ever switch this because it’s not a simple option to find. Type “about:config” in […]

Hey Google & Bing – STOP CHEATING. [Search with Yandex instead]

It seems these days that nobody in the US can build a decent search engine. Just recently, I discovered that this site was no longer receiving traffic, so I looked and found something interesting. Google has almost completely removed this site from their search results. Search Google for “Jonathan Mumm” – this page used to […]