Fix Surface RT Limited Wifi Connection

    NOTE: Changing the BAND settings below will cause 5Ghz wifi to no  longer work on your Surface. You must keep BAND at 6 for 5Ghz wifi connectivity.

    10/31/2016 UPDATE:

    This setting is now found in the following location:

     "[2.4Ghz or 5Ghz]AutoUse40MHz"=dword:00000000

    Tip came from: and modified slightly by me.

    This helpful tip came from a long Microsoft community thread. Until Microsoft gets a fix for this, the best result is to disable Wireless N mode on the Surface, which is the cause of the connection problems.

    1) Open regedit.
    2) Go to the following tree location:
    3) Find “AutoUse40Mhz” and set it to “0” (“1” is default)
    4) Change the entry below this named “Band” to “4” (“6” is default)

    Reboot and Surface will connect using only the 802.11 b/g band, instead of the N band.

    This has been working well on my Surface RT so far. Hopefully Microsoft gets a permanent fix for this. :\

    • azarro

      Thanks! This has solved my Wi-Fi issues

    • CharlesH

      Worked for me too! Many thanks!

    • MAD

      Thanx! Helped after hours searching for mistakes in configuration…

    • Efren Pedroza

      Worked great! thanks a lot! I checked Microsoft fórums, and they advice to modify your routers configuration, which seems stupid to me. This is easy and painless. I don’t know why Microsoft likes to complicate things sometimes.

    • cclia

      didnt work for me at all

    • Arshad Syed

      Thank you very much. It worked. When windows fix the problem, how we would know? The steps to be reversed then?

    • gg

      what if the name is default and couldn’t be changed

    • Mark McCormack

      Did they replace the generic “AutoUse40Mhz” with “5GhzAutoUse40Mhz” and “2.5GhzAutoUse40Mhz” entries? I set them both to 0 and had no luck. Any follow up?

      • Jonathan

        Sorry, I’m not aware of any further changes.

      • Etienne

        I’ve got the same question. Mark, It’s been a while since you wrote your post. Did you find a solution ?

        • Jonathan

          I just found the updated location for these settings and updated the post. Try them out!

      • Jonathan

        I just found the updated location for these settings and updated the post.