Fix “USB Device Not recognized” / Code 43 Error

    I encountered this error on 2 different computers. All but one of my USB devices would work, and the port I plugged it into was fine, because other devices worked with it.

    There were many posts about how to fix this issue on the internet, but none of them worked for me. I stumbled upon my own answer based off ideas of uninstalling the USB Controllers (close, but didn’t work for me). Try this simple fix below.

    1) Open Device Manager
    2) In “Universal Serial Bus controllers” delete all entries that are “USB root hub”. Unplug and re-insert any USB devices (mice or keyboard for example) that stop working, and when they’re active again continue uninstalling any remaining listings.

    • Bass Javante

      I deleted it and now i cant get it back

      • Jonathan

        Scan for new hardware in your Device Manager, it should re-appear.

    • Hokifortuna

      semua sudah saya lakukan tapi tetap saja ga bisa berfungsi..kadang fungsi sebentar terus tidak bisa lagi.tolong bantu saya.terima kasih

    • Micvia2012

      will this delete all the data on the USB?

      • Jonathan

        No, this does not delete data on USB drives. If you’re worried, simply unplug your usb devices before uninstalling the controllers.

    • Apis

      Already done what u said…but still dont recognize… T.T

    • Cj Sales

      dosent work too T_T

    • Cj Sales

      my Pioneer DDJ WEGO was working then after days its says Unknown Device

    • Parna Choudhury

      i uninstalled usb root hub all entries .. still its reappearing with problem .. its showing (code 43 ) USB not recognized wat else can b done .. ?

      • timg

        you need to power off your computer and unplug for 5 minutes..problem will be solved

    • Jocelyn Ward

      I changed my USB cord, that solved my problem.

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