T-Mobile Wifi Calling – ER081 Firewall Port Summary

Open the following ports on your firewall:

  • TCP 5060-5061
  • UDP 4500 (aka IKE Traversal)  –  Note: This is the port the call data goes through

Additionally, you may need to let IKE Key Exchange traffic through.

  • UDP 500

Other errors:

REG99 – Go to my.t-mobile.com and update your E911 address (even if you previously have)

Microsoft still hindering Outlook 2016 for MAC (OSX)

Coming from the PC version of Outlook, the latest MAC client, 15 (Office 2016 for Mac) is still missing several key usability features. The only reason to not implement these well liked (and requested via the official UserVoice forum) features is to send a “haha, good luck” to businesses trying to use Macbooks.

Missing functionality:

  1. Opening .MSG files.   Seriously?  2016 and Outlook can’t open it’s own messages?
  2. “Favorites” Folder options in the main window.
  3. The entire “To-Do Bar”.
  4. Quick Steps

Literally unusable (for me. Slight exaggeration I admit, but it’s amazing how much slower it is to use the app without those features.).

Fixing Cisco Wireless Client Association Failure ReasonCode: 102

Have you seen this error in your Cisco WLC logs?

Client Association Failure: MACAddress:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx Base Radio MAC:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx Slot: 0 User Name:UNKNOWN IP Addr: unknown Reason:Unknown ReasonCode: 102

There is one link on the internet mentioning this error on the Cisco Support Forums, but I found it might have an alternative solution.

Reboot the AP with the Base Radio MAC that is triggering this error.

I highly doubt this is a silver bullet for this error, but when there’s little other documentation on this error online, I figure I’d share what my fix was.