You Need a “Find My Stolen Phone” App

If you care at all about your phone, you should have a “Find My Phone” app installed.

Why should you install a “Lost Phone” app?

  1. Your phone has sensitive personal information in it.
  2. If you browse the internet on your phone, if could have account login credentials. (Banks, emails)
  3. Many people put their company’s emails on their phones.
  4. You’d rather try recovering your phone before spending a few hundred $ on a new one.

So which app should you install?
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List of Free Network and IT Apps for Android

I recently got an Archos Android Internet Tablet, and wanted to compile a list of all of the great and free IT apps available.

I haven’t used all of them yet, but the ones I have used have been really useful.

Did I miss any good, free Android IT tools?