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Google’s “Wifi Location Opt-Out” policy is horrible and flawed.

In one of my previous posts, I wrote how Google and other companies are tracking our locations via Wifi routers. In order to do that, these company must have a database that stores all of the wifi routers it can find, and their locations. Google FINALLY just introduced a way to remove your router from […]

This blog is Back in Google’s Ranking

  The only thing I could think is that they didn’t like my iPhone hacking guide being split into several pages. It only took a few months for Google to get the site back in.

How much Postini really costs (& features) if you have Google Domain Apps Premier Edition

Google has a HORRIBLE inconsistency with their documentation about whether their Domain Apps include Postini services or not. I had to email Google Support to find out any straight answer on the topic, and wanted to share the results for any Google searchers that might find this post. How much Postini Costs for Premier Google […]