Fix Surface RT Limited Wifi Connection

NOTE: Changing the BAND settings below will cause 5Ghz wifi to no  longer work on your Surface. You must keep BAND at 6 for 5Ghz wifi connectivity.

10/31/2016 UPDATE:

This setting is now found in the following location:

 "[2.4Ghz or 5Ghz]AutoUse40MHz"=dword:00000000

Tip came from: and modified slightly by me.

This helpful tip came from a long Microsoft community thread. Until Microsoft gets a fix for this, the best result is to disable Wireless N mode on the Surface, which is the cause of the connection problems.

1) Open regedit.
2) Go to the following tree location:
3) Find “AutoUse40Mhz” and set it to “0” (“1” is default)
4) Change the entry below this named “Band” to “4” (“6” is default)

Reboot and Surface will connect using only the 802.11 b/g band, instead of the N band.

This has been working well on my Surface RT so far. Hopefully Microsoft gets a permanent fix for this. :\

Fix “USB Device Not recognized” / Code 43 Error

I encountered this error on 2 different computers. All but one of my USB devices would work, and the port I plugged it into was fine, because other devices worked with it.

There were many posts about how to fix this issue on the internet, but none of them worked for me. I stumbled upon my own answer based off ideas of uninstalling the USB Controllers (close, but didn’t work for me). Try this simple fix below.

1) Open Device Manager
2) In “Universal Serial Bus controllers” delete all entries that are “USB root hub”. Unplug and re-insert any USB devices (mice or keyboard for example) that stop working, and when they’re active again continue uninstalling any remaining listings.

Secure your Windows 7 Welcome Screen Login & Require Control + Alt + Delete

Disabling the Windows 7 Welcome screen can provide an increase in security for logging into the computer, as someone who steals a laptop isn’t presented with a list of all possible users.

Unfortunately, you cannot hide the list of all users in Windows 7 Home Premium, but you can in Professional and above.

Disable the Display of All User Accounts on login

To increase login security, you can also force the user to press CTRL+ALT+DEL  like older Windows versions required.

Enable Control + Alt + Delete for Windows 7 or Vista

This link also listed a couple other registry settings that I have not tried yet, but will soon.