How much Postini really costs (& features) if you have Google Domain Apps Premier Edition

Google has a HORRIBLE inconsistency with their documentation about whether their Domain Apps include Postini services or not. I had to email Google Support to find out any straight answer on the topic, and wanted to share the results for any Google searchers that might find this post.

How much Postini Costs for Premier Google Apps Domains: Free for Message Security, Paid for Message Discovery.

Message Security for Google Apps Premier Edition, powered by Postini, provides additional security features and controls for Google Apps Mail:

– Email content policies for sensitive or confidential information
– Email attachment policies to quarantine or block specific file types
– Email footers for all outbound messages
– Encryption using standard TLS protocols
– Additional layer of spam and virus protection
– User account synchronization with Google Apps Premier Edition

For an additional cost, you can upgrade your service to Message Discovery, which provides an archive of all messages for your domain.

We offer a discounted rate for the Google Message Discovery and Extended Retention solutions only in the Google Apps Premier Edition (for a comparison chart, see You can add this archiving service to your Google Apps Premier Edition account after signing up for yourGoogle Apps account:

For $13 per user account per year, add 1 year of archiving (Message Discovery)
For $33 per user account per year, add up to 10 years of archiving (Message Discovery Extended Retention)


1) To purchase the add-on archiving to the Premier Edition through Google, we require a minimum purchase of $1,500 for the archiving.
Example: 50 accounts x $33 Google Message Discovery = $1,650 [Since the add-on Google Message Discovery total meets the $1,500 minimum requirement, you are able to add Google Message Discovery to Google Apps Premier Edition]

2) If you’re unable to meet the minimum requirement of $1,500 through Google, then you’re free to add archiving with no minimum purchase requirement through one of our trusted resellers.

Hopefully this post will help you determine whether Postini is cost effective and affordable for your organization or business.

I claim no responsibility if Google changes these prices and this post becomes inaccurate. This is Google’s response as of August 16th, 2010. Use this information at your own risk/discretion and contact Google yourself to see if prices or services offered have changed.