Hey Google & Bing – STOP CHEATING. [Search with Yandex instead]

It seems these days that nobody in the US can build a decent search engine.

Just recently, I discovered that this site was no longer receiving traffic, so I looked and found something interesting.

Google has almost completely removed this site from their search results.

Search Google for “Jonathan Mumm” – this page used to be #3, now it’s not even in the top 10 pages!
The same search for Bing shows me at #1.

Why did that happen?  Great question and I haven’t been able to point to anything other than Google’s recent “Farmer Update.”

This is my site's Traffic. Notice the lack of traffic the past week.


Google's Webmaster Tools shows that my site is not showing up in Google's Search Results


Google’s latest update has affected many sites on the internet for the worse. It’s not just mine.

I have requested reconsideration of my site several times to Google already, and they have said they are working on a way to fix innocent sites affected by the farmer update, but I think that’s a crappy promise.

How is Google cheating here?

  1. They haven’t been able to filter out blog-spam for a LONG time. The past year of search results have gotten very bad.
  2. Google was recently called out for not catching a major SEO offender: JCPenneys and then the company tried to save face by quickly enforcing action on another outstanding offender: Overstock.
  3. Google manually made changes to their search rankings to punish the two above.  IN OTHER WORDS: They didn’t fix their algorithm, they only put a bandage on their results.
  4. Google Pushes the “Farmer Update” and a large amount of small and legit sites get punished in the process.

Google is not fixing their problems in a way that benefits the web!

So does this mean we should all go to Bing?

Maybe, although Bing was recently caught copying Google’s results! So I don’t see that turning out too well. Plus Bing is notorious for only indexing a few pages of your site unless you’re getting a ton of traffic (personal experience on every site I’ve worked on).


My Recommendation: Stop searching with Google and Bing until they can get their act together again.

I’m replacing both with a pretty good search engine called Yandex (#1 in Russia).