Toy Story’s Life Lessons, per Woody

Tom Power wrote a great summary of the Toy Story franchise (movies 1-4) from the perspective of Woody, the main protagonist in the series. Here’s a quick summary of Tom’s observations about each movie, recapped because it helped me appreciate the fourth movie with this perspective.

Toy Story 1: Child
“As kids, we don’t understand the hurt we cause others with our immature, coercive personalities. We can’t grasp how big the world is, and the dangers that come with it. We fall out with friends, get jealous over the attention given to others, and lie to spare ourselves from being punished.”

Toy Story 2: Teenager
“In Toy Story 2, Woody faces challenges during the turbulent teenage years. We might find that our friends aren’t the people we thought they were and tests our devotion to them. We experience changes in our familial relationships as we selfishly and stubbornly go against our parents’ wishes. Our need for approval means that we do things we shouldn’t, especially where peer pressure is concerned.”

Toy Story 3: Young Adult
“Andy’s own journey shows that we eventually have to grow up, even if it isn’t easy. We’re conflicted over changes in our lives, such as getting a job or heading off to college. We also experience loss, including friends moving away from home, leaving our own families for pastures new, or the death of loved ones.
Woody proves that we have to accept these situations. We can’t live in the past forever, and sometimes change is necessary to grow. Without it, we’re destined to remain selfish and not selfless.”

Toy Story 4: Adult
“This is adulthood. We fall in love, have our own children, and experience our own midlife crisis. In bringing up our own children, we learn to be responsible for someone other than ourselves. We sacrifice everything for them and, once they’re old enough and leave home, we prioritize our own happiness and do the things we want to before we retire and grow old. This proves to be the final batch of life lessons that Woody symbolizes; an apt end to his and our own stories. “

Get Email Alerts for DHCP Scope Full Warnings in Windows Server 2012/2016

Windows DHCP servers used to have email alert functionality built-into the task creation process when events are triggered. Here are steps to use a PowerShell script to replace this functionality and how to customize it. This was split on several different posts, so consolidating it here.

1. PowerShell script – From Cazi Brasga

#DHCP Percent of Addresses Remaining Threshold
$DHCPLowPercentThreshold = 10
#From Email Address
$FromAddress = ""
#To Email Address
$ToAddress = ""
#SMTP Server Address
$SmtpServerAddress = ""

$5MinutesAgo = [DateTime]::Now.AddMinutes(-5)
$DHCPLowEvent = @(Get-EventLog -LogName "System" -After $5MinutesAgo -InstanceID 1020)[0]
$DHCPLowEventMessage = $DHCPLowEvent.Message
$DHCPLowPercent = 100 - $DHCPLowEvent.ReplacementStrings[1]
If ($DHCPLowPercent -le $DHCPLowPercentThreshold){
$messageParameters = @{ 
Subject = "Warning: DHCP Addresses Low" 
Body = "$DHCPLowEventMessage"
From = $FromAddress
To = $ToAddress
SmtpServer = $SmtpServerAddress
Send-MailMessage @messageParameters

2. Run your task from “System” user account, so that you do not have to be logged on with your account to run the task.

3. Finally, adjust the threshold of alerting you want.

Open Regedit.exe
Navigate to this path
Create a REG_DWORD (32 bit) value named DhcpAlertPercentage under Parameters
set it to 85 or 90 (decimal)
Lastly, restart the DHCP service for the change to become active.

Why is Google Maps still the Top?

Google Maps is one of Google’s products that nobody else has seemed to be able to match yet. The amount of detail and extra data collection that Google has undertaken is multitudes more than the competitors.

This post below from 2017 goes into some of the details. While outdated slightly as HERE maps is able to compete better, it goes to show how much Google can accomplish when combining multiple data sources.

It’s no surprise then, that when these companies combine our personal data, they can also get scary accurate results.