Firefox Is BFFs with Google

    I recently switched back to Firefox from Chrome, and tried to change the default search engine used in the omnibar. It turns out you need to do all of these steps below to change that search engine. Most Firefox users won’t ever switch this because it’s not a simple option to find.

    1. Type “about:config” in Firefox Address bar. Press enter.
    2. Find “keyword.URL.” Right-click and click Modify.
    3. Enter the specific URL for the search engine you want to change it to:

    Bing Search:
    Yahoo Search:

    How many basic web users will change this in Firefox? Slim to none. It’s a shame Firefox doesn’t give you an easy way to switch this.

    • Hhackenmuller

      this does not work.  Bing still defaults as the search engine in firefox 5.  After several days and many different fixes the only way I have found to get rid of Bing is to change browsers.  Too bad after 10 yrs with firefox the only solution is by by firefox

      • A fresh install of Firefox defaults all search engines to Google. I just tried it on a computer that never had Firefox, and installed version 5. 

        You must have a Bing Bar or something else installed that’s changing the search engine.