Fix Windows Phone 7/8 + Gmail “Attention Required” Error – WP8

    If you’re getting this problem,it’s Google’s Fault, and not the Windows 7 / Windows 8 Phone’s.

    Go to the following URL, put your password in and enter the captcha. This will solve the problem and let you use your Gmail account on your Windows Phone.

    It seems to disable some captcha security setting on your Gmail Account. Use at your own risk, I don’t know what else it does.

    • Kevin Fry

      Didn’t work for me.  What got mine is work is to start going through the 2 step verification process by Google under your account from  From there, add 1 telephone number, but don’t go through the entire process.  Once that was done, my phone was able to connect with no problem.  So add one phone number get the SMS message with the verification code, and then just go to the google home page or something.  Your phone should then connect with no problem.

      • Jonathan

        Interesting method, Kevin. Thanks for sharing your additional technique.

        • Rakeshhpatel

          Ok here this how did. I log in my gmail account on my desk top. On top right corner you will see your user name along right side you will see drop down arrow. Click on that arrow. Now you will see  account next to privacy. Click on account. Now other page will open. On the left side of page you will see security. Click on security. Now you will see 2- step verification. Right next to it you will see edit. Click on edit. Now it will take you to enter you password page just enter your password that you normally log in to your account. Now you will see 
          Manage application-specific passwords on the right. Click on that and it will ask your password again. Enter password then you will see 
          Step 1 of 2: Generate new application-specific password. On the box field enter your desired name then click on generate password button. Now you will see the password take that and enter in to you cell phone gmail account. User name stay same just password you need to enter the one you generated. Hop this help. 
          I know this look so many step but it is not that hard. Once you right it down step by step you can do it in less then 5 minute. 

        • Jonathan’s, Kris’, and Kevin’s didn’t work for me… I’m very sad right now…

          • OK. So I tried the original Jonathan Method (just click the link to disable captcha). And it still didnt work, UNTIL I chose not to sync CONTACTS.    If i leave Email and Calendar, it syncs fine. Otherwise, my “attention” is required.

            • Ricardo

              Hi: i solved the problem activating the IMAP Forward in GMail.

              I Hope this solve your issue too.


            • jacob

              so, I can’t tease out only the contacts. Both on the phone and on a desktop, the permissions granted seem to come all or nothing.

      • kris

        Above mentioned method did not work for me either. I did the following to get gmail working on my Lumia 800:
        Access the 2 step verfication from your google account settings
        Manage Application Specific Passwords
        Generate new application-specific password for your device
        Enter the generated password as password for your gmail account from your phone and it connects and syncs up. 

        • don

           Worked for me!

        • benzo

          thank you so much

    • Malik Gibbons

      Neither of these methods worked for me.

      • Jonathan

        Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you can find the solution that does work for you.

    • Worked perfectly for me!!! THANK YOU!!!

    • Ravi Shanker

      Thanks a ton, it worked!.

    • Biertje

      It worked, thank you for pointing this out :)

      • Jonathan

        You’re welcome!

      • Mir Shahid

        dear how is it worked itried but i didn,t find Following URL

    • lady

      Thanks, it worked.

    • Saved me a headache, thanks!

      Wrote my own blog entry for this and gave you credit.

    • Miguel Carrasco

      you save my life man!!!!

    • Arlo

      dear sir, you are God sent. can i add, after the i link you sent, i still have to use the application specific password. thank you so much. 2 hrs into it and this link was the answer.

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    • UK Gmail user

      Fantastic, worked for me (Nokia Lumia 800). Thanks for the tip.

    • Chadly

      Worked so easily! thank you!!

    • Surkant07

      thanks for the assistace

    • Surkant07

      or you can try to reach this no.(your city code)30303838 like 08030303838 for Bangalore Nokia

    • Clara Friedrich

      It works! awesome. Thanks a lot

    • Jackss731

      For any of you who still have trouble with this…when choosing the email account, instead of choosing GOOGLE, I chose OTHER ACCOUNT, then entered my gmail account info and it worked perfectly! instead of the tile saying Google Mail it will actually say Gmail now. Hope this helps 

      • Johan


      • mkujawa

        fine idea actually works very well

      • Nat

        Thanks this totally worked for me!! :-)

      • DangIt

        This worked great!

      • Xid Girl

        does not work if u sign in to google with a yahoo email address like i do, just gives u a yahoo tile not your gmail account

      • Abdul Ghaffar

        Activation and verification

    • Satish Savaliya009

      Hello everyone,

      I have followed all the methods but still not able to sync my windows phone. Please help me out of this.
       if you get any solution please reply me on

    • Simon Geering

      Thanks this fixed it for me

    • Vladut24

      can you find something for the yahoo mail on windows 8 phone please ?

    • SvC46

      Thanks for the info. It’s a bit baffling that this isn’t just available on a microsoft or gmail website under FAQ’s.

    • Mir Shahid

      whr is following URL any place for url

    • Make

      Problem solved, thanks!

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    • Emanuele


    • Xid Girl

      I did EVERYTHING on this blog, even I changed my log in address for google to a gmail address and tried the steps again, and none of it worked :( very sad google always sucks in some way

    • Shashenash

      I never had this problem until I reactivated my Lumia 822 on Verizon after being on StraightTalk for a while. Gmail has changed since then and most of the options here are no longer available in Google settings. I tried doing the ‘captcha’ thing with no luck. The only thing that worked was turning on ‘Allow Less Secure Apps’. This option was in Gmail security settings all the way at the bottom of the list. Gmail works on my Windows phone now.

    • Abdul Ghaffar

      How I can counting to the people in the world

    • Abdul Ghaffar

      For any of you who still have trouble with this when choosing the email account instead of choosing google I chose other account then entered Gmail account info and it worked perfectly instead of the till saying goodbye account info and

    • Abdul Ghaffar

      Thinks you 2 years later and this is still a problem one the windows phone and you work around still works I love my windows phone but this error is really inconvenient just had to say things for sharing your fix

    • Abdul Ghaffar

      Thinks you 2 years later and this is still a problem one the windows phone and you work around still waiting’s I love my windows phone but this error is really inconvenient just had to say thinks for sharing your fixes the problem in the world so that is good for me I say you thinks

    • Abdul Ghaffar

      Thinks you 2 years later and this is still a problem one the windows phone and you work around still works I love my windows phone but this error is really inconvenient just had to say thinks for sharing your fixes it was well good for all that

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