Which Milk brand is the best? Quick Seattle Milk Review

Last week, we ended up with a bad, nasty batch of milk. As a result, I wanted to try several types of milk, to finally see how they stack up. Brands were chosen to represent a good sample of milk available in the Seattle area.

All milk brands compared were 2% and rBST free.

“Normal” Milk

Lucern [Plastic Jug]
Thickness: Medium
Flavor: STRONG, yucky flavor
NASTY aftertaste (we believe this was a bad batch, it’s normally like the cardboard results below)

Lucern [Cardboard]
Thickness: Medium
Flavor: Milky, slightly creamy
Good, delicious (our favorite)

Darigold [Cardboard]
Thickness: Medium
Flavor: Strong creamy flavor
Ok, but the stronger flavor was unusual for us.

Trader Joes [Cardboard]
Thickness: Thin
Flavor: Bland, watery
No milk aftertaste… or much of a taste at all. The 2% was like drinking skim milk.

Organic Milk

Trader Joe’s Organic [Cardboard]
Thickness: Thin
Flavor: Bland, non-creamy flavor
Practically the same as the non-organic from Trader Joe’s.

Horizon Organic [Cardboard]
Thickness: Medium
Flavor: Strong cream flavor
This was the best of the “organic” milk we tried, but we still prefer Lucern.

Twin Brook Creamery [Glass] – Non-homoginized.
Thickness: Thick, chuncks of cream
Flavor: Non-creamy, very strong.
There is just something odd and undesirable about drinking milk that still has chunks in it (even after mixing it a lot).


My pick for winner: Lucern, followed by Darigold or maybe Horizon.

Leave a comment with the brand you buy, and why you choose that brand.