Stop using Basecamp! Free, Open Source, and Better Alternatives

    Unless your business relies on it, or you have other software that plugs into Basecamp, there’s no reason to stick with Basecamp.

    Basecamp is very minimalistic and is lacking features many teams need to actually get work done. If you don’t need Basecamp, try one of the many open source and free alternatives.

    I’ve personally used Basecamp, it’s not great. One of my annoyances is that you can’t assign a task to more than one person. Administration is also horribly set up, as you can only have a regular user or an admin of EVERY project for the account, no mid-level permissioning. Basecamp also isn’t self-hosted, so it goes down sometimes and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    I’ve recently come across a few sites with links to some good Basecamp alternatives that I’ll try out the next time I need a project management tool.

    Collabtive – Free Open Source Basecamp Alternative

    WebCollab – Free Open Source Basecamp Alternaive

    Freedcamp – Nice name. :P

    GoPlan – Paid Basecamp Alternative

    10 Basecamp Alternatives

    Comprehensive, Sorted list of Basecamp Alternatives

    More Alternatives to Basecamp via
    What’s your favorite alternative to Basecamp?

    Update 11/30: Basil in the comments suggested ProofHub. I hadn’t seen this alternative before, but the Google Apps integration is the first I’ve seen across these alternatives. I know stock Basecamp doesn’t have that, and it makes it a great alternative for the Google Apps users out there.

    • Angel Grablev

      Thanks for the mention!

    • Basil Bond

      also add ProofHub in your list.

      • Jonathan

        Added! The Google Apps integration is definitely worth a look for anyone using Google Apps already that just needs the project management added.

        • Lief

          Google’s infrastructure is outdated for Google Apps. Sorry, I’d use something else! :)

          •  Google Apps is probably the best cloud-based suite for businesses, so for those who use Google Apps, ProofHub could be very useful.

    • Adventamy

      So have you tried out any? Freedcamp looks neat, and there’s a mobile app in works.

      • wearerev

        No mention of a self hosted option, sadly.

    • Sally Dias

       You can also add comindware to this list. – it is worth doing it.

    • anthonyBAustralia

      Hot Project have just launched a free version, full features, only limit is 5 users. Something to have a look at! 

    • Nina_Gorbunova is my favorite free Basecamp Alternative with a huge number of features. 

    • J.R. Merlan

      The best FREE Basecamp alternative is

    • Joe

      Trello!! It’s really good. and free.

      • Waqar

        I love Trello. I use Trello quite much. But basecamp has alot features compared to Trello, both are separate kind of things. I’m still a fan of TimelyProjects ( though since it’s the closest to Basecamp I have found so far, with some additional features, and the prices is very reasonable compared to Basecamp. If someone wants to go for a total free solution, I would recommend Trello, but if one wants to give a Free try, then I recommend as basecamp’s alternative.

    • Guest

      I find Proofhub as better alternative to Basecamp. I have used Basecamp but it’s to complex and heavy on my pocket. Proofhub provide much more features than Basecamp like time tracking, inbuilt browser chat and proofing tool in much less price. It’s so quick and easy working on Proofhub.

    • katie Mark

      I find Proofhub as better alternative to Basecamp. I have used Basecamp but it’s to complex and heavy on my pocket. Proofhub provide much more features than Basecamp like time tracking, inbuilt browser chat and proofing tool in much less price. It’s so quick and easy working on Proofhub ( .

    • SirElroyDaxter

      F this all. I need it self hosted!

      • 0charles

        The first two mentioned are open source and self hosted. You might also check out Kolab, simple groupware, and horde groupware.

        • Xander

          Im in the proces of building my own. Those packages have no sense of style. kolab looks most promising, but it will dissapoint someday, for sure.

      • 0charles

        Oh, and if you are looking for a project manager to install on your personal computer, check out Project Libre or gnattProject.

        • Xander

          Great stuff thanks

    • Michelle Fink

      Not sure if it matters to anyone else but I love the proofhub’s support. Like anyone else I also find it difficult to get started and if there is someone to talk you through the system and answer the questions on how this’d help me, it does help a lot. My experience has been great till now :)

      • Tia

        With ProofHub inbuilt guided tour similar to gmail, It should not be difficult to get started, It’s seems to be a very simple and easy to use tool.

    • Tia

      Thank you for recommending proofhub. It is definitely the best alternative amongst the ones I have tried…

    • dinoreic
    • Aron

      Its true that basecamp is for name only not for work. I found ProofHub the best to manage as many projects as you can. It is the best alternative to basecamp. It is also very cheaper to use.

    • rimba
    • Tim Martin

      Have you tried , beautifully interactive and perfect for creative freelancers looking to manage their projects, create invoices and organise timesheets.

    • Rimba

      There is a new player in town –

    • Thrive Solo

      Have any of you tried – we are more of an all-in-one tool.

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    • Waqar

      Well I wonder why TimelyProjects ( isn’t mentioned here. It’s got a slick interface, more user friendly, and some more features than Basecamp, but I think it’s very very close to Basecamp, and with some additional items.

    • Milo

      I’d add Deskun to the list, nice task management software, and affordable for startups. I like the checklists feature the most.

    • Lawrence D’Souza

      I find Indydesk as best alternative for Basecamp. i use Basecamp it has many features, but i still find indydesk better. It work flawlessely with my business needs. It provides many features which comes under your pocket.
      You can also go its free version.

    • Try using ( excellent alternative to Basecamp. It is an enterprise-class project management tool that includes scheduling, tracking, resource management, time & expense tracking, issue tracking, risk management, and great reporting. It integrates with over 400 business apps and available in the cloud and on-premise versions.